The Resistance

A project made with Blender and Unity inspired by Wolfenstein games.

I am making my own assets taking advvantage of cycles bake feature for realistic textures.

I found the Dynopto sculp feature to be very usefull. I use it to sculp terrain and building ruins.

Progress so far:

Full Video:

The plot of this level is the player will blow up 4 massive railguns built by the nazi located in the ruined city so paratroopers can drop in and liberate the city.
The player will make their way from the trenches to a bunker and then to a sewer leading to the city. The player will fight exoskeleton enhanced nazi soldiers and robo dogs.

So I have to model a whole city in ruins. References I have are some photos of bombed-out city in WW2 but I will make it more modern as it is set in 1960.

Modelling the level. The trenches area.

Also modeling some random building ruins.

Add weapon sway aimming down sights also fix the animations when moving without a weapon and in general.The resolution is very bad even for a phone and the edges are too sharp sharp adding antialiasing would be great.It has potential but it needs a lot of improvement.

Good suggestions mate. The screen recorder is not good at resolution. I will test it on Android emulator for better resolution and record with fraps or I could just make a Cycles animation ibstead of a game.

At the moment, modeling the Sturmgewehr 1965 again, taking inspiration from Wolfenstein weapon design. I learned that having a set of reference images will keep the creative juices flowing.

Got some free time to work on the weapons.

STG 1965 Revision 2
It has a laser cannon underneath and the ammo magazine has a battery attached to charge the internal capacitors.

Design Iterations so far:

This is the project now after a couple of years