The Revoulitionary Headset

A revolutionary invention.The Headband headset. They strap around your head like a sweatband. Only $10.00 plus s/h $100,000,000,000
Not for sale in select states. Florida, California, Texas, Pennsylvania,
New Jersy, Massatuchetts, Maine, and both Dakotas. dont ask why.
Just contact 124395709187509 New Shitbuttface PA :o :o :o :wink: :wink: :wink:
or call (234)-666-9090
or go to our web site


Like I’d wear it :o no offenses lol (I’m female and we don’t wear sweating headband)… nice original idea though.

Pretty good, but I think it could use a few touches. The lighting isn’t very good, and you should have a background instead of just white.

The design of the headphones doesn’t seem like it would be comfortable.

thye actually already have these, there’s also a version built into wraparound earmuffs.