The right way to change material brightness and color in node editor?

Hey guys, I have a simple question
I have this PBR asphalt material on an object. ‘Out of the box’, its a medium grey color.

I would like to turn this material a lot darker, and a bit warmer.

My question is… what’s the best way to do this in the node editor? (which works for PBR materials)
Right now… I always just put a brightness/contrast node and a hue/sat node after the image texture (see picture)… but Im not sure this is the right way… especailly because I can’t get the color really really dark (turning down the brighntess seems to have a limit)… .

So, just to be sure… what would be the best way in general, to change brightness and hue on a material in the node editor?

zpickpick image - 2021 - 048

I don’t always like the two nodes you are using it rarely gives me what I am after…
Your lighting also will be something to consider, if it is an HDRI or Lamps/sun…
I prefer to use the RGB Curve to control this…as it works far better IMHO.

In EeVee…