The rising death

So i’m planning to make a zombie survivel sandbox game (like DayZ) but in a more cartooned version. but i’m really a bad modeler :confused:
I am planning like 2-3 kind of zombies
-A walker; It walks… yea… an it eats… brains or somthing no jk It walk slowy toward the player and atacks like 20-30 HP
-A Sleeper; Its laying… sorta… anndd… it also eats brains… i think… Well Its laying hided in the grass with half the body gone (legs obvious) The zombie from The Walking Death E01S01 somthing like that Also very slow. Hits 20-30 HP

  • maybe a runner or croucher; Runner is the same as a walker only fatser (of course) and hits 40-45 HP and a croucher would be a zombie… the crouches… or somthing.

This is the character (thus far) May change it (and give it a face ofcourse :p)
Hope you like the idea’s. new idea’s are always welcome!!!
Would appreciate any help (and need some good modelers) for the game. I will post progress info 'n stuff.

My inspiration is also really bad and i don’t know any good name for the game (or character) so i’m gona let you deside in the poll
If you wona help me (would really appreciate) or info you can always mail me at [email protected]

Progress info :smiley:

Its the beginning of somthing, might make the bricks higher resoltion

And at some lood ofcourse any of you got great lood idea’s? Let me know!

u will propbly have to learn how to bake textures

Made another housse and a glock :smiley: unfortunely i’m to lazy to take some screens :P.
But since the exams are really near im not so busy with blander anymore :(.