the robbery madness Film



Honestly, it wasn’t terrible…the fireflies (caustics) at the end made me have to turn it off…
I’m relatively new to all of this so don’t take this too hard:

I noticed that when the rocket took off from the top of the building there was an insane amount of fireflies, but then when it landed on the moon there really weren’t any. Perhaps applying textures to those buildings would help.
If that doesn’t work, Reducing the number of light sources/reflective/refractive surfaces will help with those blasted things…or you can increase the number of samples.

With that said, most of the problems I had with this animation were technical. With the exception of some of the sound effects lining up with what was happening on screen.

I really liked what you did with when the two rockets were in the sky. The guy on the rooftop looked up and saw two orange spots quickly flying around and that was a good scene. It was…ruined by the edge of your skybox, but it was still a good little moment.

I would also suggest looking into making textures…for everything. For example: the moon. It looked great from the birds-eye-perspective, but then when you went back to a character camera you could tell that it was just a flat plane with an image assigned to it. At a minimum, assigning a normal map to that texture would have made it much easier on the eyes.

Conceptually, it’s a good video. It just needs some more effort.

thank you :slight_smile:

Outlaw11091 has pretty much covered most of the things I would have mentioned as well. My response would have to be the music selection. It’s important because it has to fit the mood of the current situation. For example, the Catalina Music from Star Wars Episode 5 was good for the scene because it was in a bar. A much serious soundtrack would have fitted the scene better. That also goes for the escape chasing scene. The timing of when to play the music is also important and it’s okay to have no music playing in between scenes. When you played the Stargate theme from the first movie, it was better off after he landed on the moon and walked to the pyramid.

So, here’s my advice overall. Be very careful on what music you use on your animations. There are copyright lawyers everywhere. To potentially by past this, you must do one of two things. One, find open source music and sound effects under the Creative Commons copyright. This will allow you to use the tracks for both personal and commercial use if you plan on making any money in the videos. Just make sure you credit the creator of the content. Two, find cover songs to the music that you want to add and ask for permission to use them. Since cover songs are less likely to be hit with copyright strikes on Youtube, you can still get the same quality of tracks without being hit with a strike on your videos.

Thank you for your information I did not know how to do because the video was blocked on phone,