The role of a CPU


Right know I’m wondering if I should get a black Friday sweet AMD Ryzen 7.
But I don’t know if it does the things in blender what I’m expecting.
so here are some statements I wish to know are true or false:

A better CPU makes blender:

  1. Handle bigger scenes in the viewport
    faster playback from you animation even when materials are shown.

  2. Faster rendering. I heard some rumors about combining CPU and GPU in the future.
    Is this treu> bcs then it’s a good investment.

  3. Simulation goes faster.

or there more benefits of buying a better CPU for blender?
Bcs my GPU is already pretty good and I don’t know if it is worth it

Thanks for answering me.


You will need to note a few things.

  • Larger scenes may run faster to an extent, but you won’t be able to create larger scenes overall if you don’t have enough RAM to hold all of the data
  • Do note that you will need to buy a new motherboard, as AMD uses a new platform for the chip and you can’t just stick it in any board with an Intel processor.
  • A new board also means you might have to switch to DDR4 RAM if you currently have a DDR3 board.

So before getting that Ryzen (or any new CPU), do your homework of what else you might need to use it.

Thank you. I knew I needed a new motherboard. didn’t know about the ram. that is something to look out for.

Do u know about the other statements?

  1. No, Blenders viewport is still last century. Blender 2.8 will change this.
  2. Yes.
    What do you mean with “bcs”
  3. Yes

Cheers, mib

Define “better CPU”. This could mean more cores, or it could mean higher clock speed, or it could mean both.

In general, more cores means more simultaneous operations. For the most part that doesn’t affect Blender except for when CPU-rendering (not just the mostly-theoretical hybrid CPU/GPU, but pure CPU as well). Higher clock speed means individual operations process faster. For the most part this does affect blender, although not in a linear manner e.g. 30% increase in clock speed will likely translate to a much more modest gain. That includes simulation, CPU rendering, and GPU rendering (not everything is pushed to the GPU).

As noted above, do some research first. Not just on hardware compatibility but where your own working bottlenecks are. Are you waiting on rendering (using GPU only)? Regeneration? Modifying objects?