The Roman Empire never fell. It's still here.

I believe the Roman Empire never fell, it just adapted. 1600 years ago, the Western Roman Empire got invaded by Barbarians: i.e the Lombards, the Franks etc. These Barbarians were allowed to become Kings who bowed down to the Pope.

Why is the Pope important, because there’s something more important than this world. That’s why the dark ages were so important: to keep your soul pure, so you can get to the next level.:evilgrin:

The Western Roman Empire was allowed to crumble because it was now united under a common faith. So it was now an Empire of the faith, you don’t need to keep expensive Legions when you the Kings bowing at your feet. :evilgrin:

Even now, it’s Western Europe that rules the world. Nothing has changed.

So the basic pyramid looks like this: The Pope at the top, then the kings of Europe, followed by the Merchant class, or what we call today- the Jews. 2000 years ago the Jews were the Phoenician/Caana. Like I said nothing has changed.:stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder what you guys think, do you think the Roman Empire is still here?

The fact is, leaders change, people still keep on living underneath whoever is having a power trip at the time.

The polish I believe have had a few different rulers, like a number of european countries. yet their countries don’t cease to exist.

So in a way you are right, none of the knowledge or work the Roman empire achieved was really lost, it was just that the empire as an entity collapsed.

Yeah so? Europe is so much better than USA.

Healthier food, better wine and German porn.

To say that THIS is the Roman Empire is to say that the Roman Empire never existed. In which case I am inclined to agree. There is no Texas. The cake… oh, nevermind.

The fact that the EU didn’t mention christianity in the constitution, despite the will of the pope, proves you wrong.

You love silly stereotypes, don’t you?

BTW, the EU already has a hard time solving internal matters, so I really doubt it rules the world.

Ay, there’s the rub KAHR-Alpha. I’m so pleased you walked into my trap.:evilgrin: The motto of the EU is “in varietate concordia” which is Latin for Unity in Diversity. If the Roman Empire is not dead, then what the heck is going on?

KAHR-ALPA lets take it further, how many member in the EU? About 27. Yet why is there only 12 stars on the the EU flag, just like the zodiac.:smiley:

Latin the language of the western Roman Empire, if I’m not mistaken Greek was the language of the Eastern Roman Empire. Yet today even Harry Potter speaks in Latin.:stuck_out_tongue:

Remember, when Roman Legions retreated from Britian, the British would still send their elite to be educated in Rome.

Alltaken I agree with you, the people at the top change, but everything else stays the same. I know people in Kazakhstan and they’re Russian through and through, yet the BBC only shows them with Asiatic faces. Propaganda, I don’t know.:slight_smile:

kay_Eva the Roman Empire is there it has always been there. Remember Catholics describe themselves as Catholic Apostolic Romano.:slight_smile: Nothing has changed.

BigBad, I know you’re devishly smart, you know more than you’re saying.

Nothing lasts forever

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Ding Dong and What Name, you’re being lazy. I say to you, do you’re homework first, educate yourself before you give an opinion. This way it will make illuminating discussion.:stuck_out_tongue:

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Even when the Roman Empire fell apart Italy (Rome) remained the cultural and religious (thus: scientific as well) center of Western-Europe. I’m sure you can figure out why everybody went there for an education.

Roman Catholics describe themselves as Catholic Apostolic Romano because their leader is the pope who rules from Vatican City in… you probably guessed it: ROME. Who would’ve thought?

There is no Roman Empire anymore, it got ruined as much by barbarians as it got ruined by corruption and betrayal. Even the idea that there still is a Roman Empire is stupid. The EU is a Union of nations, not an empire.

plus of course it’s HQ is in Brussels…

All your base are belong to us.

I believe during the end of days the Bible talks about the new Roman Empire.

Listen, it says New Rome, not Origional Rome

When the prophecy that the new Roman Empire will take shape comes true, do note that it will not be the origional Empire, there would be now an almost 2000 year period in which there was no Roman Empire because the old one crumbled and fell.

Oh, no, Cyborg! Don’t go biblical.

ManDingo sprinkled religion on the subject of his topic, I’m just pointing out the Bible doesn’t say anything about ‘Old Rome’ in the end times because that is history.

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