The Rookie Project Alpha 1: One Month Milestone

It is one month now until we release the Alpha 1 version of the Rookie Project.
There is now fifteen people in our team working endlessly to create a nice looking RPG game made completely in the blender game engine.
We hope you enjoy the short video we made today just giving a slight insight into the Alpha 1 release.

To see more (or look into joining the project) visit the website:

We also have a YouTube channel:

And Facebook page:

Interesting! The environment texturing looks pretty swell, although the compression artifacts in the video made it a bit difficult to watch. Looks good so far!

Yes, sorry about the video quality. We don’t know what happened, it looks fine pre-youtube. We’re looking into it, but it seems Youtube is mashing the video. The audio is also playing up with a weird echo effect.