The roots of a man.

When starting a new thread, it should be at least somewhat obvious why you are doing so (even in off-topic).

You seem to have a habit of starting new threads with just some random YouTube video with no context what so ever.

welcome to ‘Off topic/ random chat’

Enjoy your stay, and tip your waitresses :slight_smile:

Actually, I’m pretty sure it was the moderators who told you that some time back (but it seems like you decided to just ignore them in this case).

roots… the thread is about roots.

That still doesn’t tell us anything and the video choices still seem random.

In my opinion, I’m concerned that you are starting to see the Off Topic forum as a dumping ground for any video that caught your attention (since there’s several threads on the first page alone which is just a video and nothing more).

If you want to share a video, that’s fine, but please make an effort to give some substance and context (in writing) as to what we are supposed to see. There’s also the possibility of starting a blog if you really want to share every random thought that crosses your mind.

On a similar topic, why don’t we have a basic thread for Youtube videos in general? That way, we can post whatever video we find interesting in one spot while keeping things neat and organized. I’m pretty sure that a bunch of other forums do it as well so I don’t see any problem with it.

… a woman.

Maybe you should learn how to handle solitude, silence and peace.

I don’t get nona dat.

BPR, even in the Off-topic forum, you need to provide context for your posts. Linkbombing and videobombing are not acceptable.