The Scifi Corner of the Military

Here I create a scifi version of existing military stuff.

Machine Gun

The M2 Gatling-Gun is a sci-fi hose fed, arm mounted portable machine-gun. Uses plasma rounds. A 500 round back mounted ammunition dispenser feeds the Gatling-Gun with a reusable armoured tube.

Modelling Progress:

I’m still trying to figure out how to make a decent hose.

Not much to show now as I am doing this from memory… I will looking at the miniguns on the HUMVEEs this week just to be accurate.

These are my inspirations:

Screenshot from COD Future Warfare:
(image is quite big)

C&C 4 Tiberian Twilight Concept Art:


And for the Body Armor Helmet:
Daft Punk


Avenger Tank
A heavy armoured but fast and highly manoeuvrable tank armed with a powerful 120mm cannon, 2x 20mm coaxial guns and 1 30mm auto cannon. The tank uses hydraulics for steering and the old steering method as well. The 4 tracks are height adjustable.