The script for creating dimensions in Blender

Way cool man, love it . Keep up the good work. Blender could be a fine CAD program with just a few more add ons like this.

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Added 1 note.

Added types and parameters of the arrows.

Thanks man. very handy :slight_smile:

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Did refactoring and code optimization.
Added types of arrows: without and serifs but not yet in all types of sizes.

Great script! I am really glad I have found it! Thanks a lot:)

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Very useful, thx! btw was it published at blendernation? i didn’t notice it, maybe promote this addon a little

Thank you for your feedback.
No never been published in blendernation.
I will be glad for any help in spreading the script.

Hi I would like to add a small tip as it may not be clear for some users how to rotate the dimensions (it was for me…).
If you want to rotate a dimension just after adding it press F6 (options menu) > Rotation. To make it work you first need to change dimension type (at the top of options) to width. If the rotation is not along axis you need try changing the cooridnate system (right, front, etc) in the options.
You can change the curve type to 3D in Properties window > curve object data if you don’t need the fill inside the dimension (just like with any other curve object).
HTH someone :slight_smile:

Once again Thank you cwolf3d :slight_smile:

Fixed a couple of bugs.

Now it will be easier to rotate dimensions.

Tried to add angle measurement by three points.

When selecting three points panel appear: ‘Add Linear angle dimension’ and ‘Add 3D angle dimension’

sorry just tried it and having problem to set the location of added dimensions

example if I select 3 points on base of a cube how do you add dim text on bottom of cube in height ?


Please put screenshot. I can not understand.

is it possible to add text on other plane then XY
like in front view or other planes?

also I find it difficult at first to have mode selection in object panel while vars are in tool panel!
I think it would be easier to put everything in same location

also why the option Width or location in tool panel?

suggestion :
might be good to have an option to show angle in Radians or deg and rad

note: PM me if i’m not back

would it be possible to show angle like this


Thank you very much for this great script! I was looking around some hours to find it - now I am quite happy with it.
For the design of small things like furniture it is very good. Can read size if wood for example and print it.

Two!! very very big suggestions do I have:
Automatic set the parent relation of your new add dimension to the object where the dimension value is taken from.
Or make a checkbox to select the source object as parent relation.

In this way, if the source objects alters its location or even its rotation your added dimension object will move and rotate with its parent. This is a really great feature of blender - using it would be very handy.

Show the life!!-dimension of the source object. If altering the dimensions of this object (and Blender is made for this purpose) the dimensions shown should change accordingly - we know the parent and we know the vertices the values come from - so just fetch the values again if the parent object changes its size -
THIS would be a very very very big deal!

All the architects using blender and all designers doing real world design could use this feature

  • other 3D software still do have this features - blender now could have it too, with your add-on.
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Hope you got my suggestions?

I worked with you script for some hours now.
In the first time it worked perfect just as expected.

But if trying to get lenth and width of objects there is no chance.
Perphaps it works once or twice but then thats it.
When selecting vertices for the width you got 0 or the length of an object.
I guess its the rotation of the objects: Rotation here an there
your script becomes confused?
When measuring other axis then x it becomes confused?

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Hi cwolf3d,
I just registered on mainly to tell you: Thank you !
Your script is very helpful to me. I coped several months with Caliper add-on which is nice but did not fit my needs, till I read about your addo-on. Your work should be more visible on the web, I guess Blender could quickly turn into a genuine CAD software with such additions…

I wanted to point out a weird behavior of the script: when drawing an angle, it may happen that the space within the curve (between axis and arc) gets filled with a face. To fix this up, I just slightly change depth or arrow size, then the coorect void is retored. Do you have any idea what it could be related to ?

Concerning 3d angle measurement, I fear I did not get the way it works, unfortunately. It might be very useful as well.

I fiddled the source code in order to get my own default values. It is pleasant to have a quite well documented script !

Thanks for this nice piece of code.

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Thank tontonraoul! And all!

When a little shake myself will continue to refine the script.

I will try to accommodate all requests.

Mega Thumb Cwolf3d!:eyebrowlift:

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This addon is very useful. I’ll test it and will report errors I find. Thanks for sharing it.

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Update script. Redid the linear dimensions.

Now added to the axis when choosing top, front, right.

Improved Linear angles of three points.

Added menu items measuring the radius, diameter at two points.

Also measure the size by one point and the 3D cursor.

Hi cwolf3d !
thank you for it.

As soon as possible I try to give you feedback on these improvments !

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