The Seventh Lord

Hi Everybody!
This is going to be a 3rd person Adventure Fantasy game in which you control three different characters with different weapons and abilities. The gameplay is inspired by The Ocarina of Time. The point of the game is to retrieve the six pendants of laieric to defeat… actually nobody has any idea what. Some unknown power that’s terrorizing the land. Well that’s the basic story. It’s very WIP right now but constructive criticism is appreciated.
The game will be made in multitexture for old computer reasons :P.
Here’s a few screenshots (note that all textures are unfinished right now)

The Working cover

Concept for the secondary character

An enemy

I’ve tried to make many different games but hope this one will actually go somewhere.
(not likely)

Thanks for reading and please comment.

Hello. Wonderful models and drawing you have here. I like your game concept a whole lot. But I might recommend working on the line quality of your drawing. Take a good look at your drawing for me and then look at these. I’m not trying to make you feel bad. I promise. :slight_smile: But take a look at the lines in those drawings. Aren’t they deliberate and delicate? I think so!

Your lines don’t vary in width or darkness and they’re a bit shakey. You’re probably pushing down on your pencil a bit too hard. What I would encourage you to focus on is making the contours of your figure with one quick, expressive line. Break away from the simple shapes and relax; try and scribble the character onto the page. From there, you’ll start discovering what are called gesture drawings. Gesture drawings are often scribbly and don’t really look like the thing you are drawing, but they allow you to loosen up and gain control of your fast moving lines.

There are a lot of things you can learn from making a game, even if you never finish it, so I encourage you to go for it despite what anyone may tell you, even if you don’t think you’ll make it all the way. Use it as a chance to get better at as many things as you possibly can. That way, if you have to put a lid on this one, you will be much more prepared to take on another project.

Just my thoughts.