The Sherife and the Pig

Hello guys!!

This exclusive model is a recreation of some of the works of my great friends from Otacoiza Estúdio.

I like the style!

good stuff!


I see a new animation movie in this…Western fun!

finally the piggy came at the camp after a long wild travel to save his partner the Sherife from the evil bandits.
But hes not alone becose meenwile the travel the piggy met some new friends that wants to help save his mate,

What i just want to say is…those models are ready for a nice adventure movie :slight_smile:

(i just see you only have to add the sherife logo/penning? on his shirt and give him a nice gun)

Thanks guys!

@JFunProductions I made this model following the original drawing from my friends, and in the original there’s no logo or gun with him!

The Sherife has no eyes at all, does he?