this is the end of making short films
this is THE short film
from now, no need to make short films
short film of the short films done

/me settles in for a nice long download…

Oh man, that was brilliant.

what would happen if he picked himself up… :-?

Brilliant, that describes it.

That is one of the best stories I have ever seen in a short film. It really surprised me - absolutely amazing!

Wasn’t there a short movie that was recently nominated for an Oscar? And it wasn’t that one.

btw, let’s not forget about The Exodus :wink:

It’s definitly one of the better shortfilms out there, and it would definitly grab some awards in festivals, but to call it the short film to end all short films is a bit too much. It has a good story and great storytelling, but it’s not the best I’ve ever seen… There’s so much diversity in the shortfilm scene that it’s really impossible to call some better then others.

  • Benjamin

The execution is spotty at times, due to the use of the scan line. But this too credits the author, the fact that it’s incredibaly brilliant with the scanline makes up for that.

As for concept and cinematography, faultless and immaculate.

gfx = 10
animation = 9
music = very good, but I dont think it fit the visuals so 7
sfx = 9
story = 8 (very creative)

I dont think this guy would make a terribly good director or DOP, but he is an excellent CG artist.

Man! Talk about transplant shock!
Wonder what he’s gonna do about watering?? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link endi.
That was a good one!
Another one for the list of favorites.

5mb from 100mb downloaded. remaining: 1hour


The idea rocks!
Nice connection between music and video, and those camera paths! The opening sequence was one of the few that impressed me recently!


that a cool concept.

endi: it’s very very brilliant idea, and all the non-living objects are great, scenery is great… so yes, it’s a very good short. but the old man, his modelling and animating especially, was - I think - far from perfect. he was floating all the time, his movement were jerky and facial expression almost none.

so, let’s not stop making shorts just yet, ok…



I think, old man is PERFECT.
And I think, the non perfect animations: all of the walt disney, pixar etc. standard boring cartoons with boring animations.
I think, in popular and “perfect” big animations all of the characters are same. Shrek=donkey=Nemo=bugs from bugs’life=monsters of monsters inc.
I think when I look there moveis: all of the characters played same actor… same and bad actor with his/her standard boring mimic and playing.

Old man in this anim is an unique old man. I have seen old mans in the real world, and I think this old man is from the real world. He has emotions, he has HEART, he has thoughts that I see in his eye, at his face and at his moving.

Oh, my bad english…

good animating doesn’t mean boring.
i didn’t see anything so special in old mans motions that would make it something completely new. I think he moved around in a pretty basic sort of way…

character can be unique, but still be modelled with details.

he spent so much time on the surroundings, buildings, vehicles, and lighting… lot of detail… so that’s why I think the character could’ve been on the same level. ofcourse, thing is, it is the hardest part in 3d.

edit: and now that I look at his cgtalk thread, I noticed this is his first character modelling and animating… :slight_smile: so it’s then understandable.


Yes, really nice movie (got it at 6-700Kbps too!)

However, Endi’s call to abandon making other short movies is a bit going overboard…

On my site, I have a number of links to hobby movies, some of which are (to me) certainly in the same class as Transplant…

Look here for my links to mini movies (mind you, some of the links have already disappeared. Luckily I have 'em all on my machine…)

I agree with basse. It was an excellent first character animation attempt but he was definatly not animated as well as he should have been.

Endi, this is not the sort of thing I would expect from you. I would have to say that graphically (not in terms of animation but modeling texturing, etc) it is on par with your work, which is excellent.

Animation? I thought the end credits said Motion Capturing…

And how in the world can you find the Disney and Pixar animation boring and all the same??! You have clearly not studied it enough.

  • Benjamin

naah, the animation isn’t the strong point. Absolutly nothing had any weight in the whole thing- the animation is to the level where the animator has gotton to be able to express mechanics i.e. moving stuff from point to point, etc. and not to the point of expressing phisicality: weight, non floaty “snap”, and spotty at showing thought/character.
But he says animation is not his strong point.
It is an impressive accomplishment nontheless. quite amazing to do 9 minute short in 6 months.
For great animation that is non-traditional, yet expressive, watch basse’s grey park video. Now that one made me want to stop animating.

Lets keep on making shorts shall we? I haven’t seen the one to make me stop yet. :wink: