The Silent WIP's

Following a (very brief) discussion in this thread, I have decided to create a Silent WIP’s thread.

This is a place where you can upload those old WIP’s that just died, and never got finished. Others can then download them and continue them if they want, or just submit ideas on how they could be continued.

I figure this will be useful for users who are short of inspiration, or have trouble starting a project.


  • Any uploaded WIP must include the .blend and at least one render.
  • If the project uses external textures (ie. not proceedural) these must also be uploaded, so that they can be edited by others if the project is downloaded.
  • Do NOT upload textures or resources that you have used but do not have the rights to distribute (eg. HDRi images that you have paid for).
  • Accompanying these files should be a document (either a Rich Text Document (.rtf) or text file (.txt)) that gives you credit for what you’ve done so far, and also credit to anyone else that needs it (resource websites, other contributors). If you wish, you can also include a link to any WIP threads associated with the project.
  • Al the files should be compressed into a ZIP or RAR file.
  • As well as a link to the files, please also upload a recent render so we know what we’re getting!

If you need a File Host, I can recommend MediaFire. Registration isn’t required.


  • You may download any and all of the files in this thread free of charge and can edit them as you please.
  • However, If you post it back up on the internet (Either on Blender Artists, another forum/gallery, or personal website) then you should give credit to the original artist for his work. There will be a text file attached with their preferred name for credit.
  • Please do not sell these projects without contacting the original artist and obtaining his permission, and once again, give them credit if they ask for it.
  • You may create a new WIP thread for the new project, or continue an original thread if a link is given to it.

I’m not sure how successful this thread will be, so I’ll guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Happy uploading/downloading!


A few projects of mine:




I’ve got some more on my old computer iirc… such as a headless clay Dalek and also a Space Shuttle somewhere.

Two more, after searching my laptop for a bit:



More to come shortly, need to sort all the ones I found on my old PC. :spin:

Last batch from me.



And now some n00b stuff…



SILVER FERN (For the NZ’ers out there)

That’s it from me. :eyebrowlift: