The Smurfs' Village

The Smurfs’ Village.Blender2.56. Cycles. Compositing:Nodes

Smurftastic. That smurf is learning about Blender.

Really amazing

I love the style of the mushroom houses! Looks great, very cute scene :slight_smile:


That’s pretty cool :smiley:

Très très Schtroumpfant :slight_smile:

this render is great … would be fantastic without the blur in my opinion.

awesome, but like for me the lens distortion is too high

It is good other than the lens distortion. The lens distortion makes it look like a minuature.

I have tried many different versions of composition, but this variant: a blur+lens distortion liked me most of all

Well, smurfs obviously are small, so going for a miniature look seems legit. Maybe search for “tilt shift miniature photography” and take a look at some images and then adjust the blur in your scene to match how a real macro-focus looks like.

The scene and everything looks nice, but the chromatic aberration does not fit at all. In this kind of scene there is no possible way, even for a bad quality lens, to produce so much color shifting in the real world. However, since this is cartoon-style I wouldn’t use any CA at all. The blur also looks a little too directional for my taste, It appears, as if your camera was just zooming in and captures motion blur. While this may be your desired effect, a calm, stable shot would suit the atmosphere better, I think. So, as mentioned above, change the blur to something more like tilt-shift.

Hey…This is a realy cute scene! Well done! I think with only some slight tweaking it would be even better. I agree with Xarbrough that your current blur is not working, unless you are trying to show a creature or something like that approuching the village. At the moment it makes your scene feel very uneasy. I also think your composition would be a lot stronger if you pan the camera a little to the left. Currently my eye is attracted by the door of the house on the right…and if I read youir scene correctly you would rather want it to go to the character reading…Anyways…It looks great none the less!

although I have seen this work and expressed his opinion about it on, but I repeat that the author made good the work, and betrayed her very colorful and fantastic atmosphere :yes:

Those smurfs look eerie

Thanks for the comments and observations. I’ll take that into consideration in further work on the village of the Smurfs…