The Solar System

The Solar System

From right to left :
The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.

Blender Internal. No post pro.
2000x650 671kb

PS. Before you start screaming that mercury is missing take a close look at that huge shiny spot in between Venus and The Sun. You’ll find it there.

Nice! but can you describe the image to us a bit? It looks like these are marbles on a table…are they in space or do I seriously need to put my glasses back on…it looks great i just can’t tell if we’re in space or not basically lol!

Eh, no :stuck_out_tongue: Not in space. They are just marbles on a curved in parquet floor representing The Solar System.

wow! You use a very special style but I must say that I like it somehow… It is incredible how much you can do with blender :slight_smile:

Very nice use of lighting and camera effects there, they’re what really bring it out.

I think the wood is way too reflective. But that’s a really amazing render!

I don’t think it is. If you get a really high-polished surface that isn’t touched very often, and… oh… A clear-coat, like a freshly applied verethane, like it looks in the picture, what with the ripples in the surface and all, and then set the camera on an oblique angle with a bright light source behind it, I could see you getting pretty much that much glare.

I’m gonna be the first to fall in to the trap and ask…
Where is poor little Pluto?

Are you kidding me…

Where have you been?:):smiley: