The soloist

Made this work for the photo realism competition. I was inspired by photos from BMTH concerts and decided to make this work. I used Blender (Cycles render) and PhotoShop for processing.

Bigger size

Looks good! But the foot is way too big!

Is that a foot or a surf board? Hahaha, looks good btw.

cool scene, but agreed, the foot is too big. you should use a mesh deform modifier to slim it down.

(sings) “There is a hell, believe me I’ve seeen iiit!”

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Ahh, the hairstyle in the wireframe is much better! :wink: Now he’s 60 years old, has hair permanently discolored by all the psychedelics he had in college, but he’s still rockin’!

You’ve got really good attention to detail throughout this picture, right down to the water-bottle, but I feel that the tatoo is just a little bit too intense … too much tatoo, not enough feel of skin behind it. The image on the forearm just above the elbow looks both stretched and blurred (why?), whereas there would always be some tack-sharp detail of skin surface that you could see in an extreme close-up.

Really like this image. There are two things I think you could change, though. Firstly, I think his eyes look almost surprised, or tired. I can’t decide. But there’s something slightly weird about them to me. Secondly, I think that his right shoe could be “bent” a bit where the toes connect to the foot. Hard to explain by text, but look at the foot to the left in this picture. Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Done, man! Special thanks goes for the blue-yellow strokes on the Oliver’s shirt :slight_smile: Slava Ukraini! :slight_smile: