The Souq

Just finished this, which I’ve been working on since last year.

Blender 2.49, LuxRender 0.6 and postpro in Photoshop.



Let’s see some wireframes.


very cool image! congratulations :slight_smile:

Wow. Looks great. Any chances for bigger res?

Bigger Res. Wireframes. Looks Kewl.

i really like the lighting of the scene actually. that’s the best lighting i’ve seen in some time. my only crit is tht the walls look a bit sharp

really great modeling details and texture and lighting
5 stars

It’s meant to be a bougainvillea, which my quick research said they did have. My research may have been wrong.

For the people who asked for a higher res version, I’m afraid that’s as big as it goes. It took forever even to render it that size - there’s 2 different LuxRender render passes in there and each took several days.

I’ll see about wireframes at the weekend if I get time.

Thanks for the kind words, everyone.


For wireframes just render in blender, it’s easy.

how good of a processor do you have??

A fairly good one. i7 2.3 GHz, I think.


A very beautifull image that makes me want to go for a walk there… :slight_smile: Could we see crops of a hi rez image (if you have one?) of some areas to see the level of detail?

really good! I need a hi res!! PLEASE!!!

I was going to suggest GreenButton, but then you said Lux.

Anyhow, this really is a masterpiece. :slight_smile:

I need wire frames. Some aspects just say “fake”.

What an odd thing to say. What bits look ‘fake’? The only thing which might be considered such is the interior of one of the houses in the very far distance. Given how blurred it is in depth of field, it seemed easier just to comp in a picture than waste time modelling and rendering geometry. I don’t consider that ‘faking’, just using the most efficient method of getting the best result. Anyway, here’s a wireframe render.

To the people asking for a hi-res version, believe me, I’d like to show one, but this is really as high as I’ve got. It’s a volumetric render in Lux so it took a LONG time to render as it is. I just don’t have time to make a bigger version. Sorry!

Thanks for all the kind words, everyone. I appreciate it.



wow! I dont know which one i enjoy more. The rendered version, or the wireframe version… :open_mouth:

Makes a nice banner. :slight_smile:
Good work.

congrats on the banner!

beautiful work :slight_smile:

beautiful :slight_smile:

Very very nice. But maybe a little milky, a minor thing, it’s a great image.

The milkyness, such as the shadows in the side wall to the right of the image around the pink flowers area and around the bicycle to the left? The levels of your image could be optimised a little, maybe pull the shadows down a bit and the ‘blown’ areas up a bit, neither at the moment reach the full dynamic range you have available to you.