The Space Suit for my short animated film project.

Hi guys,
these are some images of my personal project. Currently learning Blender at the same time.
Hope you guys like it.



Really nice suit.
I like films about cosmos, like interstellar, or space space odyssey 2001.
What will be a plot of your film?

incredible work! is this done with normals or mesh modeling for everything? I’d love to see some wires :smiley:

That is freaking awesome.
Great job.
First thing I thought of is the movie Prometheus.

What a fantastic start. I’ll watch how this unfolds!

Very nice work. It looks a little like a hostile environment suit, what with the body armor elements. Presumably the back attachment is an atmosphere/water recycling unit? The power source must be very compact and energy dense.

One addition that might be useful in darker environments is a light source; perhaps on the forearm or shoulder.

Hi guys,
thank you very much for your kind words. I’m glad that you like it! :slight_smile:

-I do love that kind of movies as well! About the plot, I have to keep it as simple as possible cause I’m doing the whole thin by my self in my free time. We will have to wait until its finished… :wink: (Long way to get it done…) :confused:

  • These are the best wires I can do for you guys at the moment… a bit tricky to do in blender.
    As you can see everything is modeled, the hard surface and the suit has no subdivision. The flexible part of the suit has bumps to enhance the details. I will add more details when I finish the textures.

Thanks again!


Very cool design and modeling. I want to keep an eye on your progress :slight_smile:

Nice job :slight_smile:

Very nice model. But to achieve a good result, the key will be in the texture.

Very nice, I hope you give it different materials such as the helmet parts. maybe ad just a tad bit of color (maybe black to some parts of the shoes).