The spambots have now gotton around the measure where new members can't post links

I guess the administration here now has to go to the strict measure like CGTalk where a new users posts have to be approved by a mod. until he has two posts.

The spambot coders caught wind of the measure where new users can’t post links so now they’re making their bots post a lot more to put in advertising links in their posts.

CGTalk’s method may be the only one that will work, they never have spambots with visible posts, new users can’t make visible posts at all period until 2 posts have been approved.

Why not just set up a re-captcha for the first few posts?

Hi there,

ok, now I know, why my posts with links get never checked/aproved by an admin.
Guess they have a hard time to go through all this bot posts.
But I think it will be the same difficulty for the admins to releas all the first and second posts of new users.



First of all (for new users): simply do not post links in your first posts.

I found on several websites a great solution, which helps to stop spam bots.

Using captcha works to a certain limit, which seems to harden registration for people sometimes just as hard.

The solution which works pretty good thus far, is to ask people a 1 or 2 questions about a pictures and/or about something else.

The first could be something like a set of pictures, with a random question. Say an image of mobile (A)phone/(B)banana/©computer/(D)computer mouse/(E)Marge Simpson.
The question could be something like: Who knows Bart?
Or: Which can be eaten?

Or in text form question:
i.e. >The color of grass is; (green)
i.e. >1979 + 12 is for fun, just type here the result of 1 plus two; (3)

When these questions cna be randomised, or frequently updated,
it should be able to keep a lot of spambots away. Especially combined with a (simple) captha.

This could be used with every first X (15?) posts and every new registration.

I think at least…
my 2cts

Many things would be better than having to create 15 random posts just to receive some criticisms on your work.

Furthermore, it would be relatively easy to bypass that functionality, especially considering that recaptcha has been compromised. I would not expect this system to maintain forum security for very long.

So…would I like be out of line if I made just one simple suggestion???

Kill all the spambots :smiley: