The Stanley Parable - 2 Doors Room

Hey guys, my name is theawesomegm. In early 2021, I decided to model the 2 doors room from the Stanley Parable. It was… alright. This was relatively early in my Blender career, and since then, I’ve been using reference, learning more about Blender and 3D modeling in general, and making things look a lot better, until after all that, I finally ended up with this; V3 of The 2 Doors Room from The Stanley Parable.

Feel free to let me know what you think, any comments or critique are appreciated.

Textures from and Poliigon. Post processing in Photoshop. Everything else in Blender 3.3 Cycles.


I haven’t yet heard of this “parable.” Would you please brief us on it, provide hyperlinks etc.?

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The Stanley Parable is a 2013 (and later remastered in 2022) narrative video game that gives you the choice to disobey the narrative. The room I modelled is the first major room that gives you that choice.
Read more about it here if you want.