The Starlost - Concept Earthship Ark

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Unsure if anyone out there remembers the old sci-fi series called “The Starlost” (1973-74). See for more info. It suffered from low production values and special effects that were very bad but these guys tried really hard with what they had. Anyways, as a kid at the time I loved the idea. So as an homage I made a variation of the “Earthship Ark”, which I built entirely in Blender using kitbashes and various kitbash collections that I converted into kit ops kpacks using Kit Ops Batch [$], plus some modeling of my own.

I thought instead of one giant ship with several pods that would house everyone I built it as independent huge cities (2 km diameter). This way not all your eggs are in one basket.

The lead ship is based on the idea of a Magnetospheric Dipolar Torus (MDT) Shield which should protect the ship from solar winds, particles and radiation (similar to what our magnetoshere does here for us on Earth). I’ve got 5 redundant fusion reactors to ensure power is always available to the shield and the Ark ship. Also the dome I’d say it would be made of “transparent aluminum” (yes, stolen from Star Trek) :slight_smile:
Weapons are for eliminating comets, asteroids and other small/medium sized space debris that could cause allot of damage.

Hope you guys like it. CC welcomed. This is the biggest scene I’ve done on my old PC so allot of things are left outstanding (or lower poly). I plan on tackling this at a later date.

Full View : Ark + MDT Shield Ship


The Central Park - I really wanted to fill this with lush vegetation but my old PC was going to curl up and die so this will have to wait.

MDT Shield Ship - Ideally would like to see magnetic field line type of effects, perhaps with Northern lights visuals too, but this is on the back burner for now.

Exterior Shot - The “Crab” bots are AI driven repair and defense robots. The Ark is fitted with large and small bots for all manner of maintenance.

Living Space - for those who like the water.

Park and Central Buildings - Includes command, residences, restaurants and research facilities.

Rooftop Shot - this one needs allot of work still.

Man, it’s way to late.

Cheers and happy blending!


Hi All,

Tried another angle of the front “crab” bot on it’s way to a repair job. Hope you guys like it.

Cheers and stay safe!

Hi All,

Ok, perhaps my last go at it. Here’s the lead ship which again is to provide a magnetic field to protect the ship from radiation, cosmic rays and solar flares, etc… It uses a superconducting magnet powered by 5 fusion reactors! I figure one needs backups, eh!

Believe it or not there’s a team of scientists actively researching this so this may be applied to future long range missions into space! Like going to Mars or further. Even secondary radiation (from one’s own hull) can be worse for astronauts! So solutions are indeed needed but there is still so many technological hurdles to overcome. I wish these researchers good luck!

Magnetospheric Dipolar Torus (MDT) Shield Lead Ship - 4K

Cheers and stay safe!

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