The Stay Puft Marshmellow Man

I spent about a week on this project. I’m mainly a compositor, but I thought I give modeling a shot. After playing with a bunch of settings and what not, here’s my first Blender render. Rendered with Blender Internal, and touched up in After Effects. :wink:

The Clay render:

Now to add tiny people running away. :rolleyes:

Now to add tiny people running away. :rolleyes:

lol go for it!

Nice model! And seeing that this is just your “shot” at modelling, good job! Keep blending!

If your new to 3d then that’s really pretty good. It’s worlds better than my first 3d render that’s for certain.

Anyone have any suggestions on improving the model? :slight_smile:

Well there’s not much to suggest on. It appears intentionally minimalistic. If we say to add detail to the marshmallow man he’d would move away from looking like a marshmallow man. We could say add an environment but obviously you made the decision not to embark on an environment, its not like “oh your right i totally forgot about the background!”

I think you’ve finished a project and now it’s time to start a new one. You usually learn a lot more in the first 3/4 of a new project than refining an old one to hell, so for a beginner it’s probably good to just finish one and move on to a different one without spending a lot of time making them perfect. That’s just my opinion anyway. Just don’t leave projects less than 1/2 that’s a no-no :).

I see only one thing that I would improve, the hands. They look funky :wink:

Keep it up.

Ohhh, brings back memories of watching Ghostbusters as a kid.

Not bad for a starting! But try 3dsMax or Zbrush, and you can make better models!

Who ya gonna call? :smiley:

I don’t get the joke.

He seems to be posting that a lot lately. Maybe he’s tired of Blender?:eek: Of course, if he wants to supply everyone he tells this to with a fully licensed and legal copy of ZBrush or 3DSMax, more power to him.:wink:

lol. It wouldn’t matter to me weather he bought it or not, I still think it’s a dumb suggestion. “Just change software and your art will look better.” Not sure why he has 2000 posts in a blender forum either. Maybe it’s all some hilarious inside joke of his.

Well, ZBrush is $595 and 3ds Max is $3495. That puts them out of reach for quite a few people. I guess we’ll just have to stick with this lame, piece of crap, free software we’re using. SIGH:rolleyes:

I agree, art is art, the software doesn’t matter. And I’ve seen some pretty impressive stuff come out of blender.