The story

It’s a work I start some time ago and I never finished it, it is not exactely what I expected but I decide to not spend more time in this project for now. I used blender internal render engine with AO, I used a background image to simplify the scene.

C&C are of course welcome

Why is the lamp so low poly?

The lamp has a polygonal form, it is not circular, I never thought it could give the impression of a low poly object, maybe I should use another one … By the way that’s thrue that the lamp is not finished and it is something I will probably improve, for instance it should be articulated.


I had the same feeling about the lamp being low poly and unfinished. Although, to be honest, I did consider the octoganal shape to be intentional. I really like the ambiance in the scene. The colors and the light, very nice. I think it works so well because you didn’t just show the top of the table. The background brings the image into focus.

I like it a lot, has an appealing atmosphere. The textures and lighting are very nicely done. The lamp seems alright to me, suits the scene in my opinion although the base of the lamp could be a bit less reflective and more dusty looking.

Good job :slight_smile:


Good project.

It’s nice to see you were trying to make a whole scene (something more than just an average floating object).

Keep it up,

Great scene! My only crit is that you don’t seem to using osa. This scene begs for anti-aliasing. No jaggies!

It looks great!

He’s definitely got OSA on. I don’t see any jaggies.