The strangest thing....

The thing is that when I’m in school ( or anywhere else ) and I get bored and have nothing else to do than just sit around I tend to start staring at objects and thinking how to model and texture them in blender. Its kinda scary cause that leaves the impression that my whole life revolves around blending. :rolleyes:
Has anyone else thought like that when they get bored or distracted?

I get that occasionally.
I’ll wonder whether the bumps on chairs and things are normal maps or displacement maps…

That kind of things usually distract me when I’m playing video games (where it’s obvious the developers couldn’t afford 10.000 polygons per object).
I never have it when I’m bored in class, though.
Guess I’m not hardcore :stuck_out_tongue:

As long as it only happens when you’re bored…

Personally I wish I’d sometimes observe the things around me in a better way than I do since it would help a lot for stuff like texturing and making materials. But heh, I rather think about what kind of project I could make the next time and tend not to bother with tiny details - which can be a little troublesome later on.
It does happen in videogames though, as stated above, that I just stand there and look at the great skills of the people who made it…other than that, not really :wink:

One of my teachers once said: “Everything in sufficient quantities is harmfull, and that is not limited to chemistry.”
Plus, variaty is the spice of life, as they say :wink:

You are hopelessly hooked. It’s really not that bad if you think about what others may be daydreaming about. At least you are obsessed with something that you could one day make a living with.

My Sister got hooked on tetris and I would catch her staring at buildings while she was driving -she was playing tetris in her head. :eek:

He’s not alone :smiley:

I’m as deep into Blender as it can be even a bit damaging to my career.
I tend to discuss Blender with new potential employers and literally anyone I
come across. I do it on every forum, the first one in line about everywhere
to always pop up when there’s a Blender related question etc.
(I usually leave Blenderartists pretty silent…but nearly everywhere else) :wink:

You would as we aren’t exactly trying to discredit Blender :wink:

Sometimes I solve modelling problems mentally while I’m doing other things such as waiting the bus or cycling home. The plane-line tutorial was born while cycling home. Many techniques used in the Polikarpov tutorial too.