The sunspots just keep getting more pathetic, hope the extra CO2 helps

Apparently the latest pair of spots were so small and pathetic looking that they weren’t even assigned numbers. And now they’re pretty much gone.

You better hope the CO2 emissions actually warm the planet, the sun keeps this up and Earth is in for a serious chill if it doesn’t.

The leaves started changing color here weeks early, could it be a sign of what the sun’s doing, what about a sign for next winter? If so then stock up on the electric heaters, I already have 4 blankets.

Now people are freaking out about the sun?

Seriously. It’s a big ball of fire, it’s not about to cool down. And the leaves aren’t turning early.

Get over your alarmist crap, it’s fine.

Sunspots emit loads of heat. They have a pretty big impact on our climate really. And he didn’t say the sun is cooling down, only that it won’t be emitting as much heath towards us as it would normally do.

And the leaves are turning on time. And we’re not going to freeze to death either.

So this thread actually is pretty pointless.

Unless we turn this into a climate flamewar.

Make up my mind, people! Global warming or dying sun? Which beats which?

I was under the impression that sunspots were cooler areas on the sun?

Well I am glad that another flame war is about to begin, and this time I am in time to become one of the instigators of this wonderful phenomon.
So let me start the ball rolling, or at least add some fuel to the fire.
looks outside
Yep the sun is shinning. So for folks who don’t have the sun shining , your turn to add something controversial.

I have an idea. Let’s have a solar flare war instead.

This just in:


Why does that second picture look fake to me?

Probably because it is. Now stay on topic and post some boats.

There’s a boat here - can you see it ?


I don’t like boats.

Or it could mean there’s so much pollution already it makes leaves die early.

Wichita is not known for pollution, in fact there wasn’t any day this year where the air was unhealthy. The local paper said it best when it said we were getting North Dakota weather in the middle of September before warmer weather came. They also had the name of an article in big letters about leaves changing color a bit early.

BTW: Can CO2 be blamed if the national weather service ends up reporting the far below normal temperatures in Montana?

Oh, NASA now has an article on how this year the sun is at its blankest since the beginning of the space age, and solar irridience is also down too. Now what would that tell us if the sun is emitting the least amount of energy in perhaps 50 years.

Cor CD that is so shocking. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. I will from now wear my sunnies to protect my iris from sun damage. Do you know of any good shade brands ? I don’t like fcuk brand (french connection - United Kingdom) - if one rearranges the letters, one can get something quite unexpected and most embarrassing.

Personally, I think it’s about angle brackets. Anyhoo…

I don’t get it… It’s weird. Is this about dots on the sun or about boats?

It’s about protecting your eyes from the sun’s uv damage and the sun shades you should wear. I think. Anyway time for another picture:


You’re right, Alden, sunspots are the cooler areas on the sun. That’s why they appear dark in contrast to the incredibly hot area surrounding them.

Do ships count?