"The Suzanne Pen"

I made the Lucy pen to play around with textures and Yafray. I’m pleased with the result I think, but C&C are welcome.


But it’s Suzanne, not Lucy. :wink:


ROFL!! EDIT!! EDIT! ermm… give me a sec and I’ll fix it. I was a little worried I had it wrong.

can we get suzanne items in the e-shop like a cristall suzanne and a nice suzanne pen and stuff like that? :stuck_out_tongue: .

haha, i doubt it. nice pen, BTW.

I don’t remember seeing Suzzane merchandise in the shop, but I like the image.

I like it! your yafray progress is really coming along! i think it could use some work and the shadows are a bit off but overall it is a very nice image. The materials are well made (are they procedurals?) The image quality is bad though - should either use higher jpg quality or use png instead! keep up the good work!

Prince - Thanks the primary purpose of these little objects I’m making is to build a procedural texture library. As far as the actual render, I save em in photoshop at about half quality for our dialup friends :wink: I plan on doing some more goofing around with Yafray settings and such to see if I can’t improve the lighting.

orion119net - Thanks :slight_smile:

mifune - I wish they had some cool stuff like this… I’d buy it.

BgDM - thanks for the correction… man was that embarising.

you have a very cool name.

best name in the world actually.

p.s. good pen too.