The Switch

I can’t wait until all the old blender stuff is lost and every thing is switched to the new 2.5 setup and stuff.:wink:

Hasn’t it already? All the new addons won’t work with the old blender versions.

I still use the 2.48x & 2.49x versions of blender. It suits me for my needs and the documentation is excellent. At the extreme, I am confident that the basic principles of 3d core will apply, no matter what the version, or program.

Well at any rate…

I switched some time ago to 2.5x, and the #1 reason why I did it was “Color Management,” i.e. linear color-spaces. I held off for quite a long time to give the 2.5x series time to mature. But, it is mature now, and definitely an improvement over the old system … and not just in terms of the user-interface. If you have not yet “taken the plunge,” I would cordially invite you to do so now.