The Sword - first study on photorealism

Hello guys!

To me this is a great day, I just finished my first blender project done all by myself, without tutorials or external guides! I know it’s not perfect, there are some minor things I’d like to tweak more, but I’ve been working on it for way too long and I feel like it’s time to move on something new. One day I’ll probably make a better version of it, but for the time being it’s over!

Rendered with Blender 2.79 and Cycles + Denoiser and Filmic color management. The image is based on this reference:


I like it! Nice details, lighting and materials. The only thing that shows that it is render is metal just above blade - looks a bit too smooth and soft. But otherwise - very nice.

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Very nice!!!
I agree with Sempervirent though, the metal looks soft, like an aluminium kind of metal, which those sword were definitely not made of.
You could alsoadd more dirt inside the leather pattern of the handle if you like it, to match better the real picture.

Good work boia deh.

That is a great render. The only thing I might suggest is to try and mimic that light luster the all the metal has in the photo.

So realistic!

I like the model, but also textures and lights and overall feeling, really like it alot…

Thank you so much to all of you guys, you’re too kind! :slight_smile:

Looks really good.

At first I couldn’t tell witch was real nice work!

:frowning: feel like i want to cry. That’s too well done for a first project. I haven’t even figured where to find the best all in one tutorials that aren’t too long (or channel etc).

What Im seeing are two swords on slightly different backdrops. If you pretended to us that the reference one was the Blender file I’d believe you, because both are as real as it gets. Well done.

You killed the handle detail, wowza!

Some constructive feedback: The original sword is a little more shapely in the handle and the guard, whereas your version is a little bulkier & straight. It could just be a matter of preference, but I think if you exaggerated those curves to match the original just a little bit more it would kick this gorgeous render up a notch or two.

Fantastic work!

Same here. Before I read what you wrote between the pictures I thought both of them were your renders, just with minor changes. Really good Job!

Great sword!

Great sword. Good work! I love it!

Oakeshott Sub type XVa by the look of it. Hollow ground cross sections are rare in longswords This is really good. The period half wire wrap is done really well. I’m a sword nut, and this is done quite properly.

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Very well done! Definitely looks photorealistic. Some minor critique:

  1. The shadows of the Pommel do not show off the star like quality of it. Maybe adjusting the lighting angle might help bring out the detail.
  2. The texture of the sword handle and cloth surface below the sword are a little flat. Generating some detail based on the texture so the light creates shadows like by using a bumpmap might help with that.
  3. Not sure how much you were going for a 1-1 copy but notice the crossguard in the reference image (this detail is easier to notice in the shadow). Its very much curved like an S while the render looks like it curls only at the tips, like a crowbar.

Again great job!