The Sword

This is my latest artwork. It was my imagination of a war scene.

I hope you like it.:slight_smile:


Great narration and composition.
Did you use volume shader?

I use volume shader shown below


really nice composition, colors and detail!

At first I thought, what a nice underwater scene - until I realized roses dont grow underwater! This might be due to the volume and the strong light absorption in the background

Very good!

Nice ! how did you do the flowers on the sword with the vines ?

Thank you for your compliment.:slight_smile:

Sword with flowers, I really like the ideas. Great work!

Very nice lighing and details! Love the depth of field. The Sword looks really great. Maybe the gold shader looks a little bit weird. Its a little to saturated or not glossy enough (it looks not so metalic). But this is criticism on a high standard! The overall scene looks pretty fantastic. Especially the fine details of all those flowers and vegetation.

How to make ray of lights like this??