The "Telecalculograph" (Blender Guru SteamPunk Competition)

Started working on this about 5 days ago, really enjoying modelling this :smiley:

I’ve never attempted anything steampunk related before, and found that i was no good at designing a good concept. So i decided to re-create a real world steampunk model.

The “Telecalculograph MK.II” by Jacob Hilderbrant is the thing that caught my Eye instantly. It is a computer case he designed that makes you’re P.C look like it is powered by steam and clockwork… Awesome :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to a collection of photos of the real telecalcugraph -

I am still in the modelling phase, but i am about 80% complete :slight_smile: I Don’t want it to be a complete replica of the model, I.e - i have changed it’s dimensions to make it slightly taller and thinner. And i also plan to have slightly different materials to the original. Other than that it will be the same :slight_smile:

Here is my first test render, with simple metal and glass materials applied -

Current Progress -

Here’s a few close-up MatCap Screenshots -


A couple more -


Looking good! Originality counts for a lot, so you might want to try another idea and blend the two.

Thanks man, That’s what i was thinking… I have an idea of displaying it with a few other original steampunk gadgets in a victorian style environment. I just have to design some original pieces, but unfortunatley steampunk is not my forte… but i am gonna give it a good try, i’m gonna do a load of research on the genre and hopefully the end result will turn out looking nice :slight_smile:

Started working on the sign located on the side of the machine today. I think it’s turned out pretty nicely :slight_smile:

The Sign in real life -

Got to work on some modelling today, and also trying out a few wood shaders.

Here’s where im at -

Looking great!

Thanks man :slight_smile: Should have another render posted up tonight :slight_smile: i had to remodel the blades for the iris, as they looked wierd to me. I’ve also tweaked and added a few other elements of the machine. Just have to patiently wait for the render to finish lol :slight_smile:

Finally finished the modelling of the exterior of the machine. At least i think i have, I still need to do a double check later to see if theres any details i have missed.

After that all i will have left to do is model the interior elements that are visable through the glass windows, and also create the inside of the temperature and pressure gauges. After that i can focus fully on texturing and materials :smiley:

Current Progress -

Loving it so far :slight_smile:

@Thetax - Thanks man :slight_smile: glad you like it mate!

I specially love the wood textures

Oh good :slight_smile: I wasn’t to sure on my choice of texture, that re-assures me, thanks man.

I will be improving the shader though soon, it’s not exactly how i want it to look.

All of the modelling is complete. Until i see something i don’t like and have to change it, which will definatley happen, it always does lol.

But for now i can start to focus on materials, i have started work on the decorative cap located at the front of the machine on the metal casing. I’m not to sure about this material, Its supposed to be old metal, painted a brass colour.

The floral decoration is done via material displacement, using an edited vector texture as a heightmap.

Brass Material Nodes -

Emmissive Glass Material Nodes -

This is looking good so far. Great hardsurface modeling and the materials are evolving very well also.

@Minoribus - Thanks man :smiley: Currently working on the temperature gauges at the moment. Updates to come shortly.

thanks for commenting! :slight_smile:

That material is looking beautiful! I’m going to start doing materials soon as well. Going to at least attempt to go 100% procedural, we’ll see how that goes

@NID Graphics - Thanks man! good luck with you’re procedurals! i was attempting to go fully procedural, but i soon found that i was hitting deadends in my workflow. Semi-procedural is the route im taking from now on :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: