The Tenth Doctor

Hey everyone!
I’ve been working on this guy during my lunch breaks at work for the past week, and I think it’s finally at an acceptable level to post in the WIP forum!

I appreciate any and all criticism :slight_smile:

The final image will probably be kept simple (although composition comments are always welcome.) I do think it needs a starry background, but it’s mostly to put under the modeling section of my website and/or on my modeling reel.

So what’s left to do?
-The label on the TARDIS
-The sonic screwdriver
-Better shoe textures
-Hair textures
-Some shape keys for the face


Here’s a version that’s just a BIT later. I added a starry background in the compositer:

Brilliant, love Doctor Who, watching Midnight right now actually. You also need to add a lock and handle on the Tardis, and also the light on top. I made one before, but i didn’t actually make the doctor. Your doctor looks fantastic btw, but the shoes don’t really look like converses.

Great likeness of the Doctor, even as a thumbnail. As elosi said but the door sign is missing too. Is it for animating?

You’ve done a great job of capturing the likeness of David T there, but as the others have said, a bit more detail on the Tardis will really enhance it.

@elosi: Thanks! Yeah, I definitely need to re-texture the shoes…and reshape them a bit maybe.

@andyartisand: Thanks! I went ahead and added the door sign! :slight_smile:

@TBritten: Thanks! That’s what I focused on today!

Alrighty! Today, during lunch (not much time, unfortunately), I worked on re-texturing the TARDIS and detailing it up a bit. I also tweaked the lighting significantly.

Let me know what you think!

I used to love the old Dr Who shows. how about giving him curly hair?

Looking good! Few crits! Apply the wood texture to the door so the panels are textured slightly off to the door framework - can see where the front face has been ‘projected from view’ [and the sides where the texture has streaked… tut tut :)]
No keyhole!
The black police box strip at the top of the box needs to be inset a little. and there is a strip of wood in the centre of the door needs adding…

Oh i’m so picky !

My critique is on the feet you should scale a little more, its kind out off proportion. The wrinkles on the cloth are modeled…? Could you share some other positions af the character…?

I like the render a lot!!! Im looking for various characters and what not since i am not really good at creating characters :confused:
Do you have a blend swap or other blender sharing place where i can download?
Again, very nice job!