The Third Eye Revisisted

Hi, here is a sunday sculpting exercise , rivisiting an old 3d sketch of mine.

Zbrush for detailing and texturing, Blender for base mesh and rendering!

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Awesome! Well done!

Love the lightning. Many make great characters and fall short on the lightning.

Your character doesn’t make me feel uneasy. It looks like a future or alternative human. I really like it. The only idea I can give you is to add some SSS.

Yes, just a touch of sss will help bring some life into it.
Very human looking. Excellent texture work.

Thanks for the comments! Actually there is already some sss, but it’s not very visible with this framing/lighting/and skin color, if you look closely at the ear on the left (His right one) you can see that there is some light passing through the skin!


The lips are nice.
As said dudecon … better setting of the SSS would bring a more significant and more realism.
Nice work.

RBancone… I saw the eevee version of that… thats realy great work. I realy like the charakter design, texturing and lighting. It has something special… don`t know why… maybe the third eye :slight_smile: great work! when you showed the eevee version and sss i thought by myself when his eyes will be constrained to the camera in eevee realtime it becomes realy a bit creepy.
like it :slight_smile: thumbs up


Thanks Guys! For those who haven’t seen the eevee version yet, check out the thread, there is a demo video too!