The Third Floor, Inc. (LA) - Seeking Previs Shot Creators

The Third Floor, Inc. is seeking talented Previs Shot Creators to work in a fast paced environment.

Previs Shot Creators:
Artists strong in animation, layout, camera, lighting, effects, etc.
Programs: Maya (primarily), Motion Builder (a plus)

Please email reel & resume to [email protected] with “Previs Shot Creators” as the subject line. No phone calls please.

Hm, actually it is blender artists forum, so i think there are not much maya and Motion builder artists here

Once you know how to use one 3D application then transitioning to another is not a problem. All production grade 3D applications have the same tools 99% of the time and serve the same purpose, only difference is the UI, or placement of tools. It shouldn’t take any artist with exp. more than 2 days to get comfortable with the new program.

Hit the nail on the head :slight_smile: