The Third Floor is seeking Previs Artists: Maya Generalists, Shot Creators, Animators

The Third Floor, Inc. is seeking ambitious artists who are looking for a golden opportunity to make their mark on the Entertainment Industry.

By using the language of cinematography and animation in tandem to design the strongest possible sequences, a Previs Artist holds an impactful and highly collaborative role in the film-making process. Previs moves fast, making an artistic sketch of the film to come, yielding an enormous boost to the enthusiasm of a project in development, and aiding in the suspension of disbelief for audiences, producers, and directors.

A Previs Shot Creator is responsible for piecing together elements, setting them in motion, and virtually filming them to create highly cinematic sequences. Nearly any aspect of a shot can be tweaked instantaneously to improve the composition or the timing of the action. Creating previs shots and sequences help to support the director’s vision via appropriate use of camera movement, lenses, composition, staging, lighting, and editing.

The ideal candidate will:

  • possess a strong sense of composition, animation timing, and basic storytelling.

  • be team oriented and able to take direction well from a supervisor

  • be adaptable, flexible and accepting of change, often tossing out ideas and starting anew.

  • have Knowledge of cinematic language and camera terminology

Software Utilized:
Adobe After Effects,
Motion Builder a plus

Please send inquiries to [email protected] On-line reels and links to websites are welcome. Please also include a shot breakdown showing specifically what you contributed to each shot/sequence. No phone calls, please.

I thought this was a heavily moderated forum? If so, what was the thinking in allowing this posting to go through?

Some people here use Maya and other software in tandem with Blender, so why not? If someone here can take on the task and make money, does it matter?

Craig, if I extrapolate your argument’s logic, then would it be reasonable for me to advertise some positions for engineering, MS Office automation, Python programming and Photoshop since no doubt there are members who use Blender as part of their toolset in those areas.

You might argue that perhaps engineering involves 3D and the other do not, however why restrict posts to purely 3D? If you do, then the next thing you will do is restrict posts to purely Blender :stuck_out_tongue:

Just so it’s noted, yes the forum is moderated and yes we have discussed this.

Following the logic in both, somewhat, combined skill sets is why we let it through. If someone also has texturing (Photoshop/Gimp) or programming/scripting (Python, etc) work they want to advertise for, that doesn’t seem too strange.

If someone were to advertise for Engineering or Office work then it might look a bit like out of context spam, but if legitimate we would have a think about it. I’m guessing it will be a while before that happens so we’ll cross that bridge if and when we come to it.

If someone wanted to advertise for help moving house, then that is even more obscure and unrelated. Even less likely to happen though.

If people have strong feelings on the matter of what constitutes a job posting in a Blender forum, please let the moderators know - but rest assured it is being watched for the interests of the community.

P.S. An open note to the original poster and others: It can’t hurt to consolidate your threads a bit. If you have three or four spots or job types open, there is no real need for a thread on each if they have to contact you directly anyway.

Ben, thank you for an excellent response. For what it’s worth, I am quite happy with your stance on this, despite my initial peevish post.

No worries.

You do know who the OP is right?.. maybe get the work there then introduce Blender (covert ops).