The Train~

The Train ~

Well, what can I say? This is my favourite yet. The idea of the train scene was birthed as I saw concept art of the inside of a train, it wasn’t anything special but i really got inspired to create something.

The entire scene was modelled by me. Of the objects, you see in the first image - even all the graphics you see from the screens to the no-smoking sign. none were taken from the internet and I pride myself on that because I really pushed myself to create something original.

The second image was really just a decision I made on a whim - I was scrolling through sketchfab as any normal person does obviously and I saw an amazingly made cyberpunk model so I had to include it. Shout out to Oscar Creativo for the model.

other than that this artwork just speaks for itself, I hope you like it and please let me know what you think✌🏼

SketchFab character model used: [OSCAR CREATIVO (@oscar_creativo) - Sketchfab] (CYBER WOMAN X71 BY OSCAR CREATIVO - FREE MODEL - Download Free 3D model by OSCAR CREATIVO (@oscar_creativo) [e450039] - Sketchfab)

This Artwork was entirely:
-Modelled, textured and rendered using Blender 2.91.0
-Post-Processed using Adobe Photoshop 2021

Artwork by Wagmi (me :partying_face:)


You didn’t add the second image? I bumped your access level so you can upload more images at once. Please also include a link to the Sketchfab model you used to provide the proper Creative Commons attribution.

Thanks !! and sure thing :slight_smile:

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