The Tree...

I’m trying out all the new features in bender 2.48… it’s amazing! I made a demo game, and now it’s time for my scene. To make the concept I’m using the grease pencil (YAY! I’m using a new features to demo the new features ;))

Here’s my concept, basically it’s a hill with a tree on it, the clouds are swirling around in the sky following the tree as it’s axis, the “eye” of the vortex the sun is poking out, casting marvelous light rays down at it.


It’s so awesome! The grease pencil’s so cool…

Hold your sarcasm sir…

It’s a wip… I’m not using the grease pencil to do my art, lol. It’s just my concept art.

I’m not sculpting a tree, I can’t figure out the damn tree from curve script, so I’m making it by hand and sculpting =/

how do we use it killer?

I found the explanation in the release notes to be really helpful in understanding the grease pencil.