The TV room

This has been a long labour of learning. Rendered with blender internal and ambient occlusion. Didn’t get the settings right for Amb Occ. but don’t want to wait for a new render. A bit of help with photoshop after. Comments welcome (encouraged).


Cool Stuff…I like the lamp design :smiley:


I like it, but the texture on the chair (wood procedural?) has rings that look like… a wood procedural… or a thumbprint or something.

Yeah, you got me… wood procedural. Don’t mind the overall result but you’re right, it’s a bit funny on the corner. Looks like one more render.

Just noticed you used the same image for the picture on the wall and the TV. You should fix that too.

It looks great. There seems to be a problem though - the lamp stand doesnt seem to casting shadows. Have you got raytracing on? Or am I just imagining it?

very nice, nothing really i can crit more then has been said, i can see a lot of effort has gone into it, the composition is nice, i actually like the wood texture having the look of small lines in fabric you see on couches sometimes.

Great complete all round work, mechanical and organic, material, texture, lighting, render and post. It’s got it all =)

couple of tips maybe to think of next time (i realize sometimes you can only spend so much time on rendering), same texture map on TV and picture can actually really have a profound hit in the face as this is a kind of picture that draws you in to look around (that is a very good thing!). Also remember that the TV will emit, so a bit of a sphere light could do the trick for something like that in the future, spread a bit of ambient light on the floor and sides of screen. Once again really complete work, its great to see.

Congrats =D


Thanks for all your feedback. I will do a re render but wont post it, mainly for the pic on the wall. I meant to change it and forgot before rendering then got lazy! The TV did have a spotlight to emit with a map of the image but it didn’t work too well.
Thanks again