The Ultimate Gaming Mouse.....almost done

I get this crazy idea one day and i decided to make it. Here is the model, modeling and texturing is pretty much done so now i am more or less trying to decide what to do with the scene,what to put around it. Hope you like it .comments are welcome

It’d buy it just because it is what it is. But I would absolutely hate to map anything to that scroll wheel lol.

looks like its inspired by an mx518 a bit too lol

Great idea! It looks pretty good, my only complaint would be the light setup makes some bright specular highlights, but I assume this lighting is just a test.

hahahahhahahahahha i am laughing my head off

Thanks for the replays.

HouseArrest: it wasnt inspired on the mx518. i just found the firsth image of a mouse in top view that i found on google to get the basic shape good.

Doublez: yea the lighting setup is just a test for now, it is just a HDRI map and a lamp somewhere in the scene ( probably in the wrong spot lol )

FuzzMaster : Thanks…i hope that was a “good work” laugh :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey by the way, anyone knows where i can find a HDRI map of an office or something similar…becouse now i am using a HDRI map of a beach and i dont think it is good fo r the model lol

That looks awesome. I would definently be a buyer. You can count on it. That mouse looks awesome.

You did a fantastic job.

wow, I would just “love” to scroll with that mouse.

hahahahahaha thats not what i expected at all when i clicked on the thread, great work, nice textures to compliment a nice model, thumbs up.

Awesome model man.
Just a lil iffy here and there with the textures:
Usb cord material doesn’t compare to the other parts. I mean, it looks to fake.
The table texture is ugly too, search some good wood textures and load them up.
Looks great, take your time on it.


awesome sry fr grmr i am usn my psp btw wood is 2 shny an usb plgn prt is 2 lng

Wow! The detail in the USB cord and the tank tracks is just amazing. Good job, keep it up.

i love that model ! great job

Thanks everyone for the replays. I am glad to hear you like my model. I will try to correct the the things you said and try to make a scene for it. i will post the results as soon as i do something