The "Ultimate" Renaming tool?

Does anyone know if there is some kind of an “ultimate” renaming tool out there? which can perform different renaming operations for different type of objects?

I found only Batch Renamer, but it doesnt seem to work with bones, and also missing some basic operations.

I also wrote a small tool for renaming all outputs (render and compositing node outputs), Other then that i rename with python commands for things like bones.

I thought to write an addon that eventually would rename all kind of datablocks, and have different operations for renaming.
I wanted to know first if something like that already exists, before starting with this, and if there are other ppl interested to help me with that task

Sverchok addon have rename capabilities too:

On the picture above- names of mesh datablocs assigned to objects which have this meshes.

Link in my signature will take you to an add-on I have been developing for some time, I made it to cover as many scenarios as possible, so it includes auto naming, batch naming and copying names, plus a convenient panel that displays names attached to datablocks so that you can quickly tab through them.

This add-on has been in development on and off since 2012, and has all the features of similar tools I have seen so far plus many many more.

What about merging all those renaming add-ons into a single one, with the contribution and collaboration of the respective developers? I think this might answer the initial question. If you go with this idea it would be appropriate to use the GitHub platform.

I just posted a Rename/selector addon right now.

Thank you AlbertoFX. The developers involved might start a design plan discussion on the interface, where to place stuff, what functions to include, some mockup preliminary drawings etc. I think it would be interesting.

I thought about implementing a select tool in my add-on but the 3D-view has a select pattern option in the select menu, which has unix style wildcard support and has the obvious benefit of being built into blender.

This is really cool.

in all honesty, proxe renamer is the best most complete, anything else is just duplicating functions already in proxe addon. imo.

Aww shucks, stop it, your making me blush. :o