The Unanswered Problem.

I’ve posted a project-related question about consistency issues
with freestyle edge detection consistency in animation
and image rendering. I need some way to address my problem,
but no one has given me enough relevant content to go on with.

-How on earth can I have all my marked freestyle edges
at least rendering consistently, camera side view, as desired?

sigh This is roughly your 30th post concerning this issue in about a dozen different threads…
You were explicitly told not to open another thread about this, yet here we are.

Did it ever occur to you that you don’t get an answer because there is none?
How do you know that the developers in charge even visit these forums?

If Blender in its current state does not meet you requirements, you should look out for another piece of software that does, instead of waiting till the 12th of never for a fix that possibly is very low on any developers priority list.

If you don’t have the answer you want then maybe the solution you are looking for does not exist!

I replied to your last thread asking you not to start more and more threads on the same subject. You have multiple ones already to choose from to add additional questions.
You ignored that so take this as a warning. Start a new one and I’ll regard it as just spamming