The underpanted devil.

The first character i’ve ever made with blender :expressionless: :


pretty good first try. nothing to be embarassed about.

i’d suggest following tutorials wherever you can find 'em, and to keep practicing. it’s the only way to get better.

if you post a wireframe we can give you a critique on your modeling method, tell you what you’re doing right or wrong, what to work on, etc.

Thanks for the advice. I’ve made this image with the wireframe visible, i’ll link it since it’s pretty huge.

Far too many vertexes on the head i think, although i think i’ve been lucky with the pecks and abs. Is there any easy way to reduce the number of vertexes on the head that but still maintain the detail i have on the horns, eyes and mouth?

okay, i’m looking at your wire now, and i see a few problem areas.

generally with SubD modeling, you want to begin your model using a cube as a starting point. the body looks sound in terms of modeling technique but the head looks like you started with a UV sphere with a high detail level (the default detail level is very high, 32 i think), when actually you want to start with a cube.

also, in the abdominal area i see a lot of triangles, but it’s not important to worry about that right now.

i’d take a look at greybeard’s video tutorials on subdivision modeling. or try to find tutorials on subdivision head modeling. i know there’s a good one at

don’t worry if you find a tutorial and it wasn’t written specifically for blender - the principles are universal.

cheers and good luck.

Yup that’s exactly right. I started out with a UV sphere at 32/32 for the head and then built the body from a cube extruding from the neck to the hips and then extruding out the arms and legs. Thanks for the adicve, having a work through of those tutorials now.

i should mention there are two main aproaches to subD modeling: box modeling and poly modeling. just from my own experience, i believe blender is more suited to poly by poly modeling and other programs such as wings3d are better at box modeling.

one thing you should look out for that is really the heart of subD modeling is edge loops and edge rings, which in blender i believe edge loops are called vertex loops and face loops are a variation of that, but edge rings are not implemented.

just something to think about and look out for as you’re conducting your research.