The Vintage Villa

The Vintage Villa
-Vintage Villa is modeled in Blender version 2.79b.
-For texturing Substance Painter is used.
-Render engine used is Blender Cycles version 2.79b.
-The Model has 13 Meshes and 13 Materials.
-According to blender statistics VintageVilla model has
(Verts:60001 Faces:50960 Converted to Tris:99876)



I like ortho17.jpg, where the wall on the left is rough (and the roughness can be actually seen like in real walls). How can I get the same effect through texturing appropriately?

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I did it in Substance Painter.First I backed the normal map then did the final texturing.

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very good work, the balcony remaded me of the Andalus designs

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