The Walk Home

Hey everybody, first post in this thread. I recently made this for the weekend challenge but I feel like it might be missing something. Tips would be appreciated.

There doesn’t seem to be any curbs or side walk. It also looks like there is a street light post right in the middle of the exit to the alley way? That would be very inconvenient for anyone trying to drive down the alley. some crates in the alley might be a good addition on the right. and maybe a nice big rat perched on the trash can. Why are all of your beer bottles pointed in the same direction. some decorative trim or stone on the corners of the buildings would look good. maybe another alley on the opposite side of the street in place of the background of what I am guessing is graffiti that just doesn’t seem to quite work( maybe because it goes way too far up the wall). Just my two cents. I hope it helps.

As above, I think C_Cambell has ticked most of my boxes.

What I like is the atmosphere - it is dark and kind of dystropian. A bit like a detective in Blade Runner. The slightly bowed head and hat gives some insight to the mood for the theme.

You may wish to save the image, and have another glance at it three months from now.

As is, you have something that will do good in your portfolio, after some details have been ironed out.

Be great if you could upload the next render.

Yes thank you very much. I only had 2 days to work on it and this is what i got, but I will definitely keep these in mind when I come back to this project later.

There are curbs but they might be hard to see, the man is on the side walk so I might need to make that more clear. The street light was mostly added for artistic purposes and wasn’t intended to be completely accurate in terms of city planning. I will add some more details in the alley and fix up the bottles, as for the graffiti I kind of like it but I might lower the building and add a door.