The Warriors choice

well I think I am almost done with this scene.

but I am having trouble texturing the axe.

Anyone have any suggestions for the scene?
I have only been working on it for 4 days and I am proud of it.
The axe is the only thing that bothers me.

The axe has too much sbsurf, and the texture just needs tweaking. Looks good!

The grass blades look a bit on the thin side. A bit more stuff in the background (behind the grass) would be good.


A bit more stuff in the background (behind the grass) would be good.
have any suggestions?
also how do I make the particles thicker?
I will work on the axe more.

(edit) I clicked apply subsurf on the axe, so I guess its stuck that way now.

Would it look better without the ax?

changed and added some things. I like the change what do you guys think?

I was thinking along the lines of the tops of hills.


I think only the axe looks better.
Maybe a landscape in the background, with terragen

I am working on a background with terragen right now.

All I need to know is how do I make my mountains grassy and such?

if you use the helmet tilt it to make it look more natural.

u should use “strands” in the materials tab. it allows tapering of the particles, which is nice for grass. u should be able to find tutorials for this.


Thanks for the reply. I will try that soon here is another update.
or this
I think I am going to stick with the grass I have for now.

Go with the second version, although it looks a bit washed out compared to the sharp green grass.


Well here is the final version. I am happy with it for the most part.

yes looks good although i would still play around with the texture on the pillar thing. looks a little distorted on the top and left side.

mountains really added a lot.