The week of the monkeys

Yay! I’m a monkey! :smiley: :o :expressionless: %|
So where are the bananas?

LOL! Congrats.

/me is still waiting for his bananas as well. :< :stuck_out_tongue:


lol, I have been a monkey for awhile and I still haven’t gotten my bananas. I think they are on back order. :wink:

I’ll never become a monkey… I’m not ambitious enough… but anywho, i’m fine with being a groupie… with my 90 posts and all…

Just had a silly idea.

Would people buy a certificate (through the e-shop or whatever) that would say: “Official Blender monkey”
Signed by some people and on a neat glossy paper.

like I said, a silly idea.


If Ton signed I think you’d have a winner. Good plot!


It’d have to have a Suzanne watermark embedded in it, then I’d offer some golden splonders for one. ( e-shop, now that sounds like fun, is that where I can buy e’s? :smiley: )

Congrats on reaching Monkeydom Schlops, meet you at the Monkey bar for a pint.


theeth: that’s a great idea! I agree that Ton should maybe sign them. That would just make it that much better.

You and Stefano should get them for free though. Damn post counts are so high, no one will catch you guys. :stuck_out_tongue:


Except maybe Desoto :wink:


Except maybe Desoto ;)[/quote]

I think Desoto is dead? Yeah…

So unless he can somehow learn to post his randomnesses from the grave I think that Theeth and Stefano have nothing to worry about. Not as to say, I mean you know what I mean… Them lot probly don’t worry about such trifles, but I maen if they did. I’m just saying that it ain’t worth it…

You know, not that them lot worry about such trifles.

desoto said that he would be back in september or something like that, so…

anyways, congrats Schlops!


If Monkeys get bananas, do Gurus get a small shrine or a really nice sword?


Every guru needs followers so
you guys get to divide up the groupies! :slight_smile:

Congrats on your monkeyness Schlops!

rwv01 there’s not enough of them, soon they become us, as we become u, but i would go the sword thing. teeth, andy and stefano should create more categories, cuz when u begin u are thrilled to jump from one category to another, how much do i poscount do i need to be a monkey