The weight of things

this is a very minimalist project around nuts and some dirt which play with the ambient light.

Actually I encounter some trouble with the particles because I’ve set a Force field to modify the particle dirts fall but it doesn’t work.

Incredible !
I’ve just discovered that the emitter and the field force must be on the same layer. If not, there’s no interaction between the particles and the field !

I like this short clip, Zakousky! Very minimalist, but sometimes those are my favorite videos.
Good work on the textures and the very slight camera movement as well. I think the camera is moving slightly, at least. Either that, or it’s very late and time for me to go to bed!
And thank you for the tip on using force fields and particles on the same layer, I will remember this in the future!

Hey ! Your Youtube videos are crazy ! “Kids Say the Darndest Things” is hilarious :smiley:

This is the new version with the force field. There’s just a little default with the particles because I didn’t bake it and Blender crashed during the rendering :frowning:
I think I will add a tool like an adjustable spanner.
I specify that I did not calculate the end of the clip yet… suspense… :slight_smile:

Hello !
What do you think about the adjustable spanner ?

Everything looks really great =) The adjusting thingy (sorry, i dont know what its called, english isn’t my first language) might be a bit too shiny compared to the rest of the spanner though. Other than that, very cool video, hope we can see the rest soon! =)

Don’t worry I’m french :slight_smile: I imagine you speak about the “molette” which is used to adjust the opening tools.
You’re right. I modify the glossy channel and I render it again.

Thank you, Zakousky! We have another video coming out in about a week! I also subscribed to your channel; your videos are a lot of fun to watch, especially the Spaceship ones!
And I agree, that spanner looks great. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Thank you. I finish to model Darth Vader, Mickey mouse, the Death Star and I make the render of the next Star Wars lol

There’s a slight difference between the two render but I think the serrated roller (is this the good word?!?) is rough enough…

is anybody knows how to create keyframes from a Softbody modifier ? I know how to record keyframe in the Blender Game, but I would make the same thing from an object animated with a soft body animation in blender render…

Well, finally I’ve found a solution. I worked with the blender Game and the physics simulation is not so bad…
It remain a little problem of particle baking during the 2nd part of the animation because I didn’t change the particle animation duration.
I will work on the soundtrack later.
Please, don’t hesitate to give me your feeling and feedback about this animation :slight_smile: