the weight paint isn't working right!...HELP!

why isnt the weight paint on the eys and lips not working? i’m currently following the new updated “Blender introduction to animation” tutorial, and i’m stuck at the weight painting part…every time i weight paint the eyes and lips, then try to move them along with the head bone…nothing happens! the head and hair moves with the head bone, but the eyes and lips just stay in place! how can i fix this?

please reply soon! i’m really frustrated, and i want to get this part over with!..PLEASE HELP ME!:frowning:

are you seeing something like this?

I think it’s because the eyes and lips aren’t part of the ‘body’ object.

Just paint the parts that hang back while the armature is posed. They should snap back into position.

as a matter of fact, xiaxuele, i’m seeing something EXACTLY like that!

I haven’t walked through the tutorial yet, but if it’s part of the tutorial, i am sure there is an explaination somewhere telling you how to handle it. Just follow the guide carefully…