The White stuff

(starax) #1

I recently heard about Blender and thought I’d go it a go.
I only downloaded it the other day. My problem is that when I try to check out the Blender demos by clicking on ‘Start Game’, all the objects are rendered white while playing in realtime mode.

I use Win2k and have a Geforce 2 video card.

Anybody got any ideas on what might be happening?

I’m hoping it’s just an option I’ve not selected rather than Blender not being compatible with my OpenGL drivers.


(acasto) #2

It should work fine, try downloading the Detonator drivers from the Nvidia website.

(theeth) #3

try pressing Alt-Z until you see the object textured before starting the game.


(Eric) #4

The problem might be that you’ve downloaded old demos done with an older version of Blender.